Monday, October 31, 2005

3 Chief Rabbis in Ukraine

So much infighting and confusion, you'd think Ukraine was some Chassidic sect.

Baltimore Jewish Times :

One country, three chief rabbis: Such is Ukraine following Moshe Reuven Azman's election to the post....
Some other Jewish leaders said Azman, 39, technically was elected as chief rabbi of only two Jewish organizations in Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress and the United Jewish Community of Ukraine. Both are headed by Rabinovich....
Three dozen Chabad rabbis representing the Federation of Jewish Communities, the region's largest Jewish group, said in a statement last month that the election was "illegitimate" and "insulting to the feelings of every believer."...
Yakov Dov Bleich, a U.S.-born rabbi and member of the Karlin-Stoliner Chasidic group, has been widely recognized as chief rabbi of both Kiev and Ukraine since 1992.
Bleich, 41, a pioneer of Jewish renaissance in post-Communist Ukraine, was never properly elected, yet he has shown no intention of giving up the post...

Ukrainian Jews got another chief rabbi in 2003 when Soviet-born, Brussels-based Azriel Haikin, 75, was proclaimed chief rabbi by dozens of Chabad rabbis working for the federation in Ukraine.
Those who supported Haikin's election two years ago protested Azman's election last month. Azman, who also is Soviet-born, is a Chabad-ordained rabbi but not a member of the federation.

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