Friday, October 28, 2005

Baltimore Mag. on R' Neuberger

His full impact on the remarkable growth of Torah in America can not be expressed in mere words.
The Baltimore Jewish Times mourns the passing of Reb Naftoli Neuberger ZT"L:
...A tribute service for Rabbi Neuberger will be held next Thursday, Nov. 3, at 8 p.m. at Ner Israel.
"The legacy that our father left us was to maintain this preeminent yeshiva for the benefit of the Jewish people, and to always understand that we're part of a greater community," said Rabbi Sheftel Neuberger, the rabbi's eldest son. "We look to continue his legacy of involvement for the benefit of the Jewish community and mankind."
When the funeral service was over, mourners walked behind Rabbi Neuberger's casket, and then a hearse, out of the yeshiva and well onto Mount Wilson Lane. God provided the beautiful, sunny, crisp autumn afternoon. Politicians -- including Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. and Mayor Martin O'Malley, as well as other state and local officials -- were on hand for the service...

On the evening of his death, Rabbi Neuberger lit candles to welcome Shabbat into his Yeshiva Lane home. Before taking a nap, he told a family member to wake him up in time for evening prayers.
When it was time to get up, it was discovered that the rabbi had already passed away. Just like the light that he brought into the world every day, Rabbi Neuberger left the world with the lights kindled...
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