Friday, October 21, 2005

Chol HaMoed at Ballpark


S.I. Advance :

Never before have so many strollers filled the Richmond County Bank Ballpark at St. George.
Thousands of Orthodox Jews from all over New York City, Long Island and New Jersey crowded into the harbor-front stadium yesterday for a circus and concert organized to raise money for the Yeshiva Scholarship Fund, a Brooklyn-based charity that helps parents afford Jewish educations for their large families.
The event has been held in a variety of venues over the last several years, during the intermediate days of Sukkot when children are off from school, but this was the first time it took place on Staten Island...

The 6,000-seat stadium seemed filled to capacity...
Entertainers on the field included the Flying Wallendas from Florida; Juggler Moishe from Brooklyn; the Famous Skyy Dogs, and comedians Chaim and Benny Wiegus, who emceed the show. After yom tov, you can hear them on the radio on Tuesday nights from 10 to 11 at 620 AM.
The Yossis Orchestra performed and a special performance was given by the Yeshiva Boys Choir, a 44-voice choral that features singers ages 6 to 13.
The choir, which performed a sold-out show Wednesday night at Brooklyn College, sang a selection of songs from their two albums, in Hebrew.
"It's Jewish-sounding pop music," said Eli Gerstner of Brooklyn, who leads the choir with Yossi Newman of Long Island...

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