Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Efficiency or idiocy?

Times Herald-Record

Monroe-Woodbury schools might close after the Satmar grand rebbe dies because of the traffic expected when tens of thousands of mourners pour into Kiryas Joel to attend his funeral, district officials confirmed yesterday.
Concerned that buses will get stuck in traffic and students will be stranded at school, the district will either cancel classes or dismiss them early if police advise them to, school board President Claire Perez said.
"We certainly don't want to be in a position where we start the day and then can't get the kids out of there," she said.
Nininger Road, a main route to the high school and middle school, also leads to Kiryas Joel. A crush of vehicles headed to the Hasidic village would likely jam that road and other thoroughfares, including Route 17.
Perez dismissed rumors that the schools were closing to free their parking lots for visitors....

I find this completely distasteful and abhorrent. Only the Rebbe's children can prepare for his death!
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