Friday, October 14, 2005

Herzog, wine monopoly!!

Why is wine so expensive? Here's something to whine about:

Bergen Paper :

...ACNielsen estimates annual U.S. kosher wine sales at $28 million, a figure that some experts say is low. (Royal Wine, which some estimate controls upward of 90 percent of the U.S. kosher wine industry, does not reveal its revenues but will say it sees growth in the range of 10 percent to 12 percent per year.)...
This summer, Herzog opened a kosher winery in Oxnard, Calif. - the 77,000-square-foot operation is the largest in Ventura County.
In April, a California-based winemaker introduced the first U.S. "boutique" kosher wine - the 2003 Covenant cabernet sells for $85.
And American Airlines this year picked a Herzog Reserve Chardonnay to serve its first class and business class passengers. (It was the only white wine served and "not a word about kosher," Herzog said.)
One of the most interesting trends is the rapid growth in wines from Israel, many of which are kosher.
Herzog said Royal Wine, a big importer of Israeli wines, has seen a 60 percent to 80 percent surge in sales of Israeli wines in the last five years.
"In Israel 20 years ago, there were precisely seven wineries," said Daniel Rogov, who is wine critic for the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz and the Israeli edition of the International Herald Tribune.
"Today there are 145 wineries in Israel," added Rogov, author of "Rogov's Guide to Israeli Wines - 2006."
Quality improved, too. Twenty-five years ago, more than 80 percent of the wines produced in Israel were sweet, Rogov said.

Royal Wine otherwise known as Herzog, famous for their Baron Herzog, Herzog and Kedem labels control "upward of 90 percent" of the market!#$%&?!

Where else would such a monopoly be tolerated?! Why is there no investigation (Silver, Hikind, Felder, Karben etc.)?
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