Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Jersey Jewish housing

As if you didn't know-

Bergen Record :

...Southwest Bergenfield; the median rose 147 percent, to $395,000 from $160,000, amid an influx of Orthodox Jewish families seeking homes near synagogues.
Northeast Clifton and northern Passaic; homeowners realized gains of 116 percent to 142 percent on homes now selling for $300,000 to $350,000....
That's exactly what Irwin and Lisa Zucker paid for a stone- and vinyl-sided Cape Cod in southwest Bergenfield - a price that left them shocked at how little they got for their money.
When the former Rockland County, N.Y., residents went house hunting after their daughter was born, choices were limited. As Orthodox Jews who do not drive on the Sabbath, they needed a home near synagogues.
Teaneck and Englewood have significant Jewish populations but cost too much. One of North Jersey's only remaining options was a section of Bergenfield near several synagogues.
Prices over the past five years have risen much higher there than in the rest of the borough, says Phil Birmelin of Century 21 Concept 100 in Dumont. It went from "a very hard community to sell in," he says, to one in demand, where "three-quarters of the home buyers are religious Jewish families. It just makes it more valuable because they can walk to temple."...
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