Sunday, October 23, 2005

Jerusalem Post going Christian

The Jerusalem Post is coming out with a Christian edition.

Arutz Sheva :

Chris McGreal, writing in the London-based The Guardian this past Thursday, reports, "The Post, a widely respected paper until it fell into former owner Conrad Black's clutches, is seeking to bolster its North American circulation by building on the blossoming relationship between the Israeli right and Christian fundamentalists."
"The content is going to be jointly put together by the Jerusalem Post and the International Christian Embassy [of Jerusalem, the ICEJ]," Post editor David Horowitz is quoted as telling the Guardian. "It'll be things like archaeology and tourism and ideological arguments and dilemmas and so on. Obviously, when your predominant mindset is a Jewish audience there are different stresses that go into providing content, whereas if you're doing it for a Christian audience, there are going to be very different emphases and different focuses."

I think this is significant. The World Press, who know as much Hebrew as rapper Run-DMC, all read the Post. Now they might read an edition that in all likelihood will be less pro-Israel.

As if they could get less pro-Israel!
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