Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Jewish birth rates, frightening

Lately the stats and facts stated below have begun making waves, joining the Jewish Debate. The issue of The Diminishing J e w is unavoidable, and will force the different segments of Judaism into confronting their core values. Pay close attention.

Washington Times :

"Not long ago, a Manhattan rabbi stunned his congregants by informing them that the future of the Jewish people would not be secured through trips to Israel, not through the battle against anti-Semitism, and not through the continued upward mobility of Jews, but in the bedroom. ... "Among Americans of all kinds ... Jews have the fewest number of siblings, the smallest household size, and the second-lowest number of children under 18 at home. ... "Jews marry later than other Americans. ... For Jewish women in particular, late marriage means lower rates of fertility compared with other Caucasian women -- who themselves are barely producing babies at replacement level (figured at 2.1 children [per woman]). ... [A]t no point do Jewish women attain the fertility levels of their non-Jewish peers or bear children in numbers sufficient to offset population losses from natural causes." -- Jack Wertheimer, writing on "Jews and the Jewish Birthrate," in the October issue of Commentary
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