Friday, October 28, 2005

Judge reads riot act to Satmar

Thrilla in Willa cont. If you can keep track.

Times Herald-Record:

An Orange County judge has once again read the riot act to rival factions of Satmar Hasidim after an order he issued on Friday touched off a synagogue brawl.
Acting state Supreme Court Justice Stewart Rosenwasser fired off a fax yesterday expressing dismay at the recent "chaos and lawlessness" and demanding lawyers for the two sides explain it when they return to his court on Nov. 30.
"Be advised," he wrote, "that this Court will take any action appropriate in dealing with any party who intentionally misrepresented this Court's ruling."...
Rosenwasser caused an uproar Friday by demanding proof that Aaron ally Berl Friedman had been expelled from the Williamsburg congregation, where he had been president. Both sides read the order as a decisive victory for Aaron's side. On Tuesday morning, shortly before worship to celebrate the holiday of Simchas Torah, Friedman marched into the Williamsburg synagogue with a crowd of Aaron supporters and security guards...

One tough judge. One huge chillul hashem.
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Anonymous Der Yid said...

the funny thing, every side claims victory

how is beyond me

you are so right One huge chillul hashem

12:44 PM  

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