Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Judge to Satmar Rebbe:Appear!

Why is Satmar not in a Din Torah like Bobov?

Times Herald-Record :

An Orange County judge drawn into a high-stakes power struggle between two factions of
Satmar Hasidim has demanded clarification from the one party who can't be disputed: the grand rebbe...
Acting state Supreme Court Justice Stewart Rosenwasser, presiding over one of three pending Satmar court cases, declared that a critical issue in his case could be best resolved by none other than Moses Teitelbaum, the ailing, 91-year-old leader of the world's largest Hasidic movement.
"The best evidence would be the testimony of the Grand Rebbe himself," Rosenwasser wrote in a ruling Friday. If the spiritual leader can't appear in court, he ordered, "some alternative method will be provided, giving due consideration and respect to the dignity of his sacred office."
"Some alternative method" appears the likely course. In five years of relentless court fighting between the two factions, neither side has called the ultimate witness to the stand. Bruce Dunn, one member of an expanding cast of lawyers involved in the case, said yesterday that the Williamsburg side will bring evidence to court on Nov. 30 to satisfy Rosenwasser – without the grand rebbe coming in.
Other language in Rosenwasser's order caused such turmoil over the weekend that the judge returned to court yesterday to issue a stern statement to the lawyers.
"This court will not be sucked into the Brooklyn litigation," he said, referring to a five-year-long battle for control of the Williamsburg congregation.
"This court cannot control the spin that the parties give to various decisions and orders and statements by the court."
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