Friday, October 21, 2005

Lakewood futile election

From the A.P.P. :

It's a shame there's no Candidate's Night yet scheduled for this year's Township Committee race.
If there were, residents would probably hear claims of mismanaged spending, charges of how the opposition lacks vision for the future and questions over whether people really enjoy their quality of life.
The tinge of vitriol in this year's election Republicans fight to get back a committee majority they lost in the 1996 election. The committee currently has a 3-2 Democratic majority.
The GOP chances hang on Steve Langert and Sean D. Gertner. The Democratic incumbents are Mayor Charles Cunliffe and Committeeman Raymond G. Coles.
The foursome is competing for two three-year seats.

A debate is futile. The winners and losers will be decided by a Vaad, how well meaning they may be, that have great conflicts of interest (money & land distribution; tax exemptions etc.). What directly benefits them, at times conflicts with the interest of the broader community.

One day there will be sensible change. For now just pay your property tax on time.
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