Friday, October 21, 2005

Lakewood housing attempt

Placing a bandage on a severed limb.

Asbury Park Press :

...It is the first time that Lakewood has ever sought the agreements, which allow one municipality to fulfill part of its state housing obligation by paying another municipality to support that town's affordable housing.
The practical effect for Lakewood could be millions of dollars to support a vision that would see developers build hundreds of affordable houses and apartments over the next 10 years."If we're going to make the homes truly, truly affordable, then we simply have to concentrate on whatever funding we can find," Mayor Charles Cunliffe said. "If we can use it to reduce the price of the house . . . the infrastructure, then we're able to bring a lower-cost unit to the families that need it."...

Bishop said the plan eventually could call for more than 500 single-family houses, town houses and apartments built on more than 60 acres of land in the woods west of Albert Avenue.
But Bishop and Ervin Oross Jr., Lakewood's director of community development, both warned that residents should not expect new homes quickly. Many have called the Lakewood Resource and Referral Center to ask if they can apply for a housing lottery, but that lottery is years away, Oross said.
"The earliest you're looking for (units to be available) is 2008," Bishop said...
Working with other towns to also secure money for housing rehabilitation in Lakewood. Oross said he has a list of 100 to 120 applications for homes that need some type of renovation work that he hopes he can whittle down by using some of the new RCA money.
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