Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lakewood P. School scandal

Just who is in charge of the school system?


...The meeting will also be the first chance for parents and taxpayers to publicly weigh in on news of an Attorney General's Office investigation of Edward Kent, the district's interim business administrator/board secretary. The investigation was first reported last week.Asbury Park school board officials confirmed that state investigators have requested documents and information from the district. One board member, Frank D'Alessandro, said the inquiry may focus on whether Kent billed the board for work done by his consulting firm, when the board believed it was paying only him....
Township Committeeman Robert W. Singer said municipal officials are watching the situation, but they have no authority over the district, which he referred to as the "gang who couldn't shoot straight."
"They can't afford to have anybody having any sense of impropriety," Singer said last week."They can't afford that right now, especially in that particular position."
The position Singer referred to is the head of Lakewood's business office. Kent, who has also worked as interim business administrator in Plainfield and chief of the state Department of Education's audit bureau, was hired to supervise former Business Administrator Kathryn D. Fuoto.
Kent is paid a salary of $600 a day, which equates to nearly $160,000 a year in salary, plus an additional $75 an hour for school board meetings. He said when he was hired that his specialty is "taking a district that tumbled into the low end of the field and bringing it back."
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take it that the $160,000 salary is scandelous because it was put in the article. I could only wish that the many administrators in our local day schools/yeshivot were being paid "only" $160,000.

Many of their salaries not only exceed $100,000 PLUS free tuition for their children (add on another $10,000-$15,000 a year times the number of children in school), but some of the salaries exceed $200,000.

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