Monday, October 31, 2005

Lakewood proposal, Day Laborers

So you are sick of being stuck in traffic on Clifton Ave.?


...Starting at sunrise, Spanish-speaking men line the thoroughfare's sidewalks from Route 88 to Fifth Street, waiting for landscapers and construction foremen to drive up in pickup trucks and pick out a few men to earn a day's wage.The de facto muster zone has sparked a furor from many merchants, who complain the men impede and intimidate foot traffic and give the township a poor image.
A Republican candidate for Township Committee recently called the problem the most important quality-of-life issue in Lakewood.The answer, township leaders say, may be in a new plan to morph the municipal parking lot between First and Second streets into a publicly funded gathering site that at least one committeeman hopes to open by year's end....
The Lakewood resident has formally asked for more than $80,000 in township funds to turn the parking lot just east of Taylor's Pharmacy at Second Street and Route 9 into a sanctioned gathering place for day laborers, known in Spanish as jornaleros.The proposal — made through Anthony's nonprofit group, Under His Wing Inc. — calls for security at the site from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m., two portable bathrooms and at least two employees to run the site's daily registration and traffic flow....
The plan — submitted this summer but not discussed publicly until now — is in the hands of the Lakewood Development Corp., which oversees the township Urban Enterprise Zone, where the parking lot now sits.
Russell K. Corby, the corporation's executive director, said he will recommend some changes to the plan, but declined to elaborate because he has yet to discuss those revisions with the Township Committee."If structured properly, I think it has merit," Corby said. "In some restructured form, we would be recommending moving ahead with this."

If the township is going to spend money on them, let the laborers lower their rates. And let their wife's do windows.
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