Saturday, October 22, 2005

Lakewood Public Schools flunk again

What your high property taxes are going for:

A.P.P. :

...State Department of Education officials announced on Friday the list of districts where a given percentage of students didn't pass tests or meet targets in reading, language arts or math. The designation is based on 2005 test results plugged into a federal formula.
Monmouth Regional, Red Bank Regional, both in Monmouth County, and Central and Pinelands Regional school districts in Ocean County, made the list for the first time this year. Asbury Park, Freehold Regional, and Long Branch, all in Monmouth County, and the Lakewood district in Ocean County were designated for a second year. Last year, 28 districts were named to the list statewide.
Leonard Thomas, vice president of Lakewood's Board of Education, said the district is working to improve, but students with economic, language and disability issues mean it will take years of hard work to meet state standards."It's not going to happen overnight," Thomas said. "We're beginning to make some progress."The district is improving its special-education system and providing more outreach to Spanish-speaking parents, Thomas said....
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