Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lakewood Yeshiva threatened

As I earlier speculated due to the large police presence by the Yeshiva:

N.J.Jewish News:

..The threats appeared on a Web site run by Hal Turner, a North Bergen man who until last year broadcast a white supremacist radio program on shortwave radio and the Internet. When Turner recently suggested that readers of his Web site’s chat room begin “drawing up lists of Jewish Yeshivas here in the United States,” it led to a discussion in which contributors named specific schools and neighborhoods and urged killing yeshiva students...
Neuer said the yeshivas in Lakewood — the heavily Orthodox town in southern New Jersey specifically mentioned in one of the chat room posts — and other parts of the state “are covering their bases. They took the threat seriously, and they are working very closely with law enforcement for the safety and security of their constituents.”..
Contributors to the chat room referred specifically to the “numerous shules” in the heavily Orthodox community of Lakewood, and to Hillel Yeshiva High School in Monmouth County...
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