Thursday, October 27, 2005

Limbaugh dating jewess

What's she thinking: He's on his third divorce, practically deaf, not Jewish, and introverted.

This might help: He's got enough money for an impresive wardrobe, lives in Palm Beach, and has a huge house on the water with live-ins.

Media Matters :

In his September 3, 2004, "Reliable Source" column in The Washington Post, Richard Leiby reported that a spokesman for Limbaugh confirmed that he "is dating CNN anchor Daryn Kagan." And a February 21 article in People magazine noted that "Kagan's romance with ... Limbaugh is getting serious." Kagan, who is based at CNN's headquarters in Atlanta, is the anchor of CNN Live Today, a news show that airs weekdays from 10 a.m .to noon ET and that carried Bush's speech live.

Wikipedia :

Kagan is Jewish. Her great-grandfather was a Russian immigrant named Eiser Cohen who came to the United States through Ellis Island ...
In September 2004 it was reported that Kagan was involved romantically with the conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh....

Now we know why he was popping all those pills.

Limbaugh to Judge: "What do you expect; I'm dating a J.A.P.?"

Another Jewish tragedy of inder-dating.
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