Monday, October 31, 2005

Lubavither on the rebbe's ZT"L

A Chassid believes.

Charlotte Observer :

...Two years before his death, the Rebbe became my "savior." In a scant 30 seconds, he stroked my arm and offered me guidance at the most dismal time of my life. Those few words, I now realize, marked the beginning of my emotional and spiritual restoration and intervened in my imminent suicide...
...Arriving at the Ohel, my driver recommended that I write a "pan," an acronym for pidyon nefesh, a "redemption of the soul," to place on the Rebbe's tomb. What could it hurt, I thought. So, I prayed for universal peace and for the safety of my family.
One extra request
Then, I asked for something out of the ordinary: Three years earlier, I had departed my congregation in Greenville under acrimonious circumstances. Many congregants were left angry and estranged. Little by little, some had forgiven me, and our relationships had slowly resumed. For others, the anger still burned.
But, the Goldbergs (name changed), with whom we were particularly close and whose friendship we cherished, stopped talking to us and refused all pleas of forgiveness -- would not even answer calls, notes, e-mails, coming to the door or responding to mediators.
So, I prayed on my pan that there would be reconciliation with congregants who were still estranged and particularly for forgiveness from the Goldbergs. I dropped the shredded pan, as is the custom, on the Rebbe's tomb and noted that it was 6:00, time to leave for the airport. Shortly thereafter, I called Linda to tell her that the plane was departing on time.
"You'll never guess who called," Linda announced. "The Goldbergs."
Astonished, I asked her if there had been any particular reason.
"No. An incredible surprise. They just wanted to say hello."
"And do you remember about what time they called?"
"It must have been around 6:05."...

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Blogger Alan said...

I'm not sure what such stories prove. They occur amongst Christianity as well. What is the claim to be made here, aside from perhaps the possibility that those people possess ESP?

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Arthur said...

A miracle, or synchronicity?

11:29 AM  
Anonymous A Chosid said...


Alan--- ?

The ohel is the site / source of thousands of miracles like this --

Davening at the grave of a Tzadik is normative jewish practice-- if you choose not to fine -- but don't you think its unfair to compare someone who does to a Xstrian?

If someone goes to the Wall in Yerusahlayim and told you they davened for something and it happened what would you tell them... they are like a Xstrian?

bottom line is HASHEM can do anything --

Hatzlacha Raba

1:27 AM  

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