Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Monsey Yeshiva, opposed

Journal News :

A neighborhood association is opposing a catering facility at a planned yeshiva on College Road...
The yeshiva, which is planning to build a boys school at the former Van Riper Farm near Rockland Community College, is seeking to include catering facilities with 600 seats and parking for 276 cars, according to town records...
In written arguments defending the plans, Paul Savad, an attorney for Yeshiva of Spring Valley, pointed to a 1981 state Supreme Court decision that found "religious and educational organizations are allowed to use their facilities for non-religious activities if the activity strengthens and supports religious practice or are otherwise reasonably associated with its educational purpose."
Representatives of the yeshiva have said the intent is to use the catering facilities to fund scholarships for its students...

Ramapo has also approved a catering facility for Congregation Bais Yaakov on Smolley Drive.
In his arguments to the town, Eisenberger said that if the town granted Yeshiva of Spring Valley's request, it should limit the facility to a 400-seat capacity, such as the limitation placed on Congregation Bais Yaakov. That facility has parking for about 120 cars, or less than half of what has been proposed by Yeshiva of Spring Valley.
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