Friday, October 21, 2005

More Lubavitchers rapping

Ya know, like, they aint like yo Daddy's hassidim or music:

Albany Times Union :

..."Ya know I get down like the Lubavitcher rebbe," Noriega, 29, from Delmar, N.Y., shouts over his band, the Hip Hop Hoodios.
Next to him rock a tambourine-playing brunette, wearing 3-inch red heels and a black tank top with the words "Hoodia Honey," and a guitarist with piercings and a do-rag.
In truth, the sparse crowd in the Temple Israel ballroom is more used to bar mitzvahs than a bicoastal alternative band, but the boys and girls throw their hands in the air to the rhythm...

Two of the most prominent bands hitting mainstream ears played recently in New York's capital region. First up, at the Albany synagogue: the Hoodios, whose name is a play on the Spanish word judio, which means Jew. Also, Matisyahu, who bills himself (not unreasonably) as the Hasidic Reggae Superstar, performed in Troy, N.Y..
"I thought the whole thing was going to be a novelty," says Willobee, the programming director for WEQX, an independent radio station in Manchester, Vt., that broadcasts throughout the area. Instead, Matisyahu's single "King Without a Crown," from a live album recorded at Stubb's BBQ in Austin, Texas, has hit bigger than anything Willobee has seen in the past decade...
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