Sunday, October 16, 2005

Newsday on Twersky

If Harriet Miers has the qualification for the Supreme Court why not Twersky? He won't even have to buy a robe.

Today's profile of the new Hofstra law dean from Newsday :

"It was just ... different, right?" Twerski said now of the negative reaction of some to his appearance. "It calls attention to yourself," he said, adjusting his yarmulke occasionally. "But this was part of my tradition, and I wasn't going to give it up for anything. And so I was prepared to live with the consequences."...
Hofstra officials have said Twerski, 66, is the first Hasidic Jew to lead an American law school, a designation that Twerski said represents too little progress over prejudice. Twerski said he has not personally felt the sting of discrimination in the past 20 years. "I've worked very, very hard and made this reputation, but that's hardly the test of whether or not there is discrimination." He added, "I have talked with members of our community ... and they still find a fair amount of prejudice against Hasidic Jews who dress the way I do or in similar fashion, where they are clearly recognizable as orthodox Jews," a kind of discrimination he said that is much more subtle than 40 years ago.
A native of Milwaukee, Twerski, who has been married 45 years to his wife, Kreindel, is a father, grandfather and great-grandfather many times over. He now lives in Brooklyn and is considered a leader in New York's Hasidic community...
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