Saturday, October 29, 2005

Reform laud Blue Greenberg

Reform Judaism Magazine:

Profiles of eight women who have transformed Jewish life in the last forty years:

  • Blu Greenberg: Since 1973, when she first addressed what Orthodoxy and feminism can learn from each other, Greenberg has been the Jewish community's leading Orthodox feminist advocate and writer, helping to found the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, which works to expand Jewish women's opportunities within the framework of traditional Jewish law. Her influential book, On Women and Judaism: A View from Tradition (1981), opened conversation about the possibility of living a traditional Jewish life as a feminist and is still widely read 25 years after its publication.

Exactly whose life has she "transformed', may I ask?

and read the article:

"8 Jewish Women Who Changed the World" ; FRIEDAN, ABZUG, BADER GINSBURG...

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