Sunday, October 23, 2005

Second hand Sukkahing

What is Hillel smoking?!:

Daily Egyptian :

In an attempt to promote the Jewish celebration of Sukkot, the first ever "Hookah in the Sukkah" was started Friday as both Jewish and non-Jewish people visited a sukkah to discuss religion and smoke from a hookah.
Ruvane Kurland, director of the Hillel Foundation, said the "Hookah at the Sukkah" is a program occurring at more than 65 universities to celebrate the holiday. The Hillel Foundation sponsored Sukkot using the hookah as an untraditional tactic to attract people and become involved by participating in Hebrew prayers, said Kurland....
Kurland said promoting smoking to educate was not necessarily a bad idea. "Sometimes you have to resort to alternative methods to promote education to groups like college students," Kurland said. Kurland said the celebration is not an attempt to recruit members but to spread awareness.
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