Monday, October 24, 2005

Sukkah at the game

Philidelphia Daily News:

WITH AN Eagles jersey wrapped around his stocky frame and a yarmulke perched on his dark curly hair, Rabbi Yisroel Rappaport arrived at a tailgate party near the stadium yesterday and set to work.
"Have Sukkah, will travel," he cried, as he assembled a closet-sized structure made of metal poles and strips of fabric.
When he finished putting the small blue and gray fabric hut together, about 20 green-clad fans of all ages gathered in and around it to say a prayer.
"In all directions, we'll pray for the Eagles," Rappaport said. "Akers should get it in high; they should catch low."...

I've done it on the turnpike, I've done it at amusement parks but I've never done it here," said the rabbi of the Sons of Jacob Congregation in Vineland, N.J.
So with their Eagles gear and collapsible Sukkah, the Raab and Edenbaum kosher tailgate party mixed faith and fandom yesterday. The regular gathering is attended by a lively mix of family and friends who enjoy the kosher chicken wings, hot dogs and, of course, plenty of beer...

The owner of the parking lot, Max Cohen, 81, a small snowy-haired man, went over to check it out and ended up saying a prayer inside.
"It was the first time I've done the Berakhah [blessing] since I was a kid," he said, smiling as he walked away.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is R.Rappaport a Lubavitcher ?

10:55 PM  
Blogger Yeshiva Orthodoxy said...

Satmarers are probably either Saints or Bills fans.

11:36 PM  

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