Saturday, October 15, 2005

"Times" finally barks up the tree

As usual their behind the times.

N.Y. Times :

...this year, the Egyptian government, which controls the area where most lulavs are harvested, has sharply reduced its exports, saying that harvesting the fronds harms the trees on which they grow.
The announcement sent small shock waves through Jewish neighborhoods like Crown Heights and Borough Park, where lulavs are sold in stands on many corners during the week before Sukkot, and Judaica stores are given over to the sale of Sukkot goods.
In response to the shortfall, the wholesale price of a lulav has rise sharply, to $10 or more; in previous years, the price was $2. Rather than giving them away, Mr. Herz is charging $15 apiece for the fronds this year.
Egypt has released 100,000 lulavs to the United States, at the urging of Jewish leaders and American government officials. But that is 400,000 fewer than it normally sends. Retailers have been trying to make up the shortfall with lulavs imported from Spain, but those are too few and too expensive to close the gap...

Quote in Washington Post :

I said, 'Let my palm fronds go,' " Rep. Gary L. Ackerman (D-N.Y.) recounted lightheartedly. "We've been using reason and logic and cajoling and friendly persuasion to get them to agree to this. . . . We're trying to avoid the Egyptians from looking like the grinch that stole Sukkot."

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