Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Candidate goes after Kiryas Yoel

Times Herald-Record

Candidate for Orange County Legislature, Spencer McLaughlin:

"The unrelenting growth of the Village of Kiryas Joel is the single greatest growth and development issue facing District 7 today. While not a part of District 7, the village's expansion and city-density development threatens the environmental sustainability of the communities around it, particularly in the areas of air quality, water resources and wastewater pollution. The village's plan to tap into the New York City Aqueduct with a miles-long pipeline would topple the precarious environmental resources balance we are attempting to maintain in our region. Neighboring communities must be able to rely upon the resources of the county Planning Department to maintain the integrity of their respective master plans and zoning laws. The county Health Department must take a hard look at any applications from the village for sewage or water infrastructure expansion. Orange County Sewer District No. 1 must ensure that what little remaining capacity we have left is fairly distributed among all its member communities. And, finally, the county must be ready and willing to go into court – as we have done on the pipeline – to exercise the control over rampant development that the Village of Kiryas Joel is unwilling to do."

Better go out and vote.
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Blogger unevolved said...

vote for or against this guy? he wants to control his neighborhood from sometimes-thoughtless chassidim? who suck off public needs without equivalent taxable renumeration? if i lived there, he would be a viable candidate for me.

10:10 PM  

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