Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Chabad in the CIS

Lubavitch deserves equal time and attention. (O.K. Satmarers)

The Moscow Times :

Rabbi Avraham Berkowitz sits before a wall-length map dotted with small glowing lights. Each of the hundreds of bulbs on the display in the offices of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS represents a Jewish community that has been re-established since the fall of the Soviet Union.
Jewish life in the CIS, Berkowitz said in an interview last month at the headquarters in northern Moscow, is enjoying a big revival. He is the federation's executive director, and at the center of this cultural and religious blossoming....

Today, Berkowitz can reel off statistics testifying to the success of these efforts. From a void in 1991, there are now 482 registered communities, with 80 synagogues restored and 30 newly built. A total of 14,000 children attend 70 Jewish day schools across the CIS, and 130,000 attend programs for seniors....
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Berkowitz is cool

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