Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dear Abby:I wanna be Jewish

Arizona Republic: Dear Abby: I have wanted to convert to Judaism ever since I was 16. (I am now 19.) I was raised as a Christian by non-religious parents, but when I announced that I wanted to convert, they had a fit.I now realize that I would like to go further than conversion; I would like to become a rabbi. When I told my parents, they became so upset they ordered me to see a psychologist. What should I do? - Depressed in Asheboro,N.C.

Dear Depressed: Talk with a psychologist. A mental health professional may be able to help you find a way to make your parents understand that this is your life and future and not a criticism of them or the way they raised you.

Move over Abby:

Dear Depressed: You're-

  1. depressed;
  2. have non religious parents,
  3. they tell you what to do,
  4. they send you to a psychologist;

are you sure you're not Jewish?

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