Monday, November 28, 2005

Dershowits addresses Chabad

Isn't the choice of the frum born and bred, now secular, Allan Dershowits a bit peculiar?
What exactly does he have to offer a group of Shluchim who: take the secular and make them frum?


More than 2,000 of Chabad’s worldwide emissaries gathered in New York.
The annual International Conference of Shluchim concluded Sunday evening with a gala dinner, keynoted by one of Russia’s chief rabbis, Berel Lazar, and addressed by Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.
Chabad’s force of emissaries, comprising some 4,000 families in 70 countries, is “the most powerful Jewish organization in the world,” said Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, the conference’s director.

How would he define "powerful'?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point re Alan Dershowitz (not the same person as someone with the same name in the Lakewood area).

Hey, to connect some recent posts, maybe he can help with the R. Bursztyn case (hopefully someone like him wouldn't be needed - but if it would ch"v be necessary.....).

3:31 PM  

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