Friday, November 18, 2005

Haaretz on Piamenta

Long profile of Yossi Piamenta in Haaretz:

Almost 29 years have gone by since the rock guitarist Yossi Piamenta left Israel for New York in order to work on his joint album with the legendary sax player Stan Getz. The album never happened. Instead, Piamenta found God and became religiously observant, married his 16-year-old cousin, raised six children and, within a few years, from his Brooklyn base, gained a reputation as the "Hasidic Hendrix," not to say the "gefilte Garcia."
Now he's back in Israel - for good, he says. "I have returned permanently. My father, who is 80, called me in New York and said, `Come back to Israel, be with me a little.' He never talked in that tone before, and I decided to come back. All my life I have played and made music and I won't stop. Now I will play in Israel and form a band and go abroad for gigs wherever I am invited. My base from today on is Tel Aviv."........
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