Friday, November 11, 2005

Jewish tycoon's Grave problem

Intermarriage; the problem doesn't end when you end.

Leeds Today:

THE widow of murdered millionaire businessman John Luper has won her fight to erect a headstone at his grave.
Turkish-born Mrs Iyican Luper started civil court proceedings against a north Leeds synagogue which opposed her request. She issued a writ against the United Hebrew Congregation synagogue on Shadwell Lane and hired a QC, who argued she had the right to put up a stone under both English and Jewish law.
Because Mrs Luper and her daughter, Liza Rose, did not convert to the Jewish faith, their names could not be placed on a headstone in the Jewish cemetery on Gelderd Road. Instead she proposed an inscription which listed her husband's close relatives without mentioning their names.
It is believed that Rabbi Daniel Levy initially agreed to this, but Mr Luper's brother Toby, of Wakefield, and his mother Olga, of Moortown, Leeds, objected and permission was revoked. DisputeIt is understood there is a family dispute over John Luper's estate, which he left entirely to his widow. Ian Fisch, solicitor to Mrs Luper, said the synagogue failed to present documents and witness statements to the court, so Mrs Luper won her action by default. "We had appeared before a district judge who gave us directions to take the matter forward," he explained. "Part of this was to present our cases by November 2 and we provided ours, but the synagogue failed to present theirs."
It became apparent they did not have a defence. Mrs Luper has now also obtained an order for costs which we shall be presenting to the synagogue. If they do not accept them, a court official will make a decision." Mr Fisch said Mrs Luper and her daughter were content with the outcome and felt there had been some closure. Ian Dobkin, president of the synagogue, said: "I can confirm the headstone has been erected with wording acceptable to both sides. This now draws a line under the matter. The issue has been very unfortunate."
John Luper died from asphyxia when four men attacked him at his home in Alwoodley, Leeds, in February, last year...
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