Monday, November 14, 2005

Kiryas Yoel "Anash"

Times Herald-Record tries to learn ah bissel yiddish:

They might not wield as many votes, but one advantage Kiryas Joel's opposition movement has always had over the village's majority faction is a solid name.
The Kiryas Joel Alliance. Put it on letterhead, put it on sample ballots. Create a logo and slap it on fliers. The name says it all: we are serious, organized, ready to romp on Election Day. Where did this leave the establishment?
Sure, it had a big voting edge and held every elected and appointed office in the village. But where are you without a catchy name?
For village elections, Mayor Abraham Wieder and his allies called themselves the "Experience & Results" ticket. Couldn't get clunkier than that.
Now, at last, Team Wieder has a political name worthy of its stature. Last week's election instructions came emblazoned with the moniker "Kiryas Joel Anash," "Anash" being an acronym for something Yiddish.
"Anash" sounds more like an Irish folk-rock band than a political party. (We're still waiting for a translation.) But at least it matches the steely resolve of "the Alliance."
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Blogger ocawatch said...

leave it to the record... by tomorrow, they'll say it means "pipeline"

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Editor said...

Anash is hebrew acrobyn for Anshei Shlomenu.

4:17 PM  

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