Thursday, November 10, 2005

Lakewood Frum Mayor

Need this like a hole in the head. Frum guys in politics end up indicted.


The man who stands to gain most from the Township Committee race this year wasn't on the ballot.
But because Charles Cunliffe and Raymond G. Coles were re-elected Tuesday, the Democrats retain a 3-to-2 advantage on the committee. That means they will pick the mayor from their triumvirate.
Cunliffe has the job this year. Coles had it last year.So now, Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein is poised to become the first Orthodox Jewish mayor in Lakewood, home to the state's largest community of Orthodox Jews.
Lichtenstein confirmed Wednesday he will ask for the other committee members to appoint him mayor at the January reorganization meeting."The Orthodox community in Lakewood has grown from a very small community to a very large community quite quickly," Lichtenstein said. "So, yes, it is an honor."
Lichtenstein, deputy mayor for the first two years of his first term, said he would be proud to serve as mayor, but emphasized that he would work hard for all residents, not just the Orthodox community."I want everyone to realize I will continue to do the inclusive governing that I have done with Ray and Charlie for the past two years," Lichtenstein said. "
The town realizes that the religion of the people on the committee is not going to change the way you govern a town."You're going to govern a town is the way you govern a town: for everybody. And catering to the needs of all the citizens."Coles said he is confident Lichtenstein will make a good mayor."I think he's earned it," Coles said. "I think he's ready for it."Lichtenstein will certainly be comfortable while doing it, considering the five-member committee's makeup didn't change in the election Tuesday.
Cunliffe and Coles survived a strong challenge from Republicans Steve Langert and Sean D. Gertner and kept their seats. Pundits in town agree that Coles and Cunliffe won because they had the endorsement of the Vaad, an influential council of Orthodox leaders.
The latest unofficial vote tallies are Coles, 7,965; Cunliffe, 7,614; Langert, 6,556; and Gertner, 6,122.Langert and Gertner said they appreciated the support they received, but added it was too early to say whether they would run again next year.
Coles said some of the Republican campaign claims about township spending and the effect of a tax revaluation on the rolls next year were "unfair." He stopped short of calling it a negative campaign. His opponents felt just the opposite."
The voters had the opportunity to decide from two separate sets of viewpoints," said Gertner. "The Democrats believed that just because the actual tax rate down, they could obscure the fact that spending rose. We came at that issue from the spending side."
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