Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lakewood street naming

I think they saw my previous post, "Only in Lakewood! " (Below)


LAKEWOOD — A township developer is using ebay to auction off the name of the street in a small neighborhood he plans to build.
The quirky sale is the brainchild of Moshe Feinroth, who said he is selling the right to name the street in a small development he will propose on New Central Avenue...
It's kind of cute to say there's a street named after me, my dog, my aunt, my high school girlfriend,'' Feinroth said this afternoon. "But how much does somebody pay for that?''
Well, as of 12:45 p.m. today, Feinroth's auction had drawn 27 bids with a current high bid of $325....

Mr. Feinroth better not have children in school. Unless it's for "parnassah".
Previous post, Monday, October 31, 2005, Only in Lakewood!:

Now selling on EBay:
Rights to name a street in Lakewood NJ
US $152.50
Time left:5 days 22 hours7-day listing,
Ends Nov-06-05 08:54:45 PST
Start tim:Oct-30-05 08:54:45
PSTHistory:18 bids (US $1.00 starting bid)High bidder:yishai123 ( 10)
Item location:Lakewood, NJUnited States
Selling the right to name a street in Lakewood NJ after anyone or thing you want in perpetuity. Developer is building a street of five or six houses off New Central Ave. Houses will be in the $600,000 range. You can choose any name you like subject to Township approval (Forest Ave is take, as is Malka Way for example), and developer approval (we won't approve 'Yutz way' for example). E-mail if you are worried about name approval. Street will be legally known by that name. Beats the 'name a star' program. This is a great gift idea. We reserve the right to withdraw this at any time prior to auction closing.

So how about:
Kotler Krossway;
AOL Avenue;
Computer's Hard Drive;
WiFi Y Not;
Schneerson Street;
Micro Chip On Their Shoulder;

Hurry up to purchase!
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