Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lakewood young millionaire


Twenty-five may seem like a young age to be a millionaire entrepreneur, but Issamar Ginzberg is already busy taking his real estate ‘miniglomerate’ public on the OTC bulletin board.
A direct descendant of a long line of Chassidic Masters with lineage stretching back to King David, Issamar Ginzberg is the president of Magnate Equities Corporation. Ginzberg's entrepreneurial spirit was developed at a young age. With his parents blessing, he started his first business at age 6, buying ‘wholesale’ boxes and selling single “Boston baked beans’ in school.The 25-year-old entrepreneur started as a shareware developer at the age of 12, and has been aiming higher ever since.
Ginzberg, a Brooklynite who recently moved to the orthodox Jewish enclave of Lakewood, New Jersey, "I enjoyed the challenge of starting my own business. It was something not many other 12-year-olds were doing," Ginzberg says.
With a personal net worth of over a million dollars, Ginzberg feels confident that taking his company public is the right way to go. “ I am different from the pack. I am differentiating myself from all the real estate investors that are just looking to purchase another small property, and then another small property”, he says. “I am building a great company that will spread way beyond real estate, and over the next several years, will hopefully become a household name."The secrets to our success is focus and determination," Ginzberg says. "perseverance and hard work is our “public domain’ recipe."Starting a business has challenges along with advantages.
Ginzberg stresses budding entrepreneurs must really want and love what they do if they want to succeed. Only then will the sacrifices of time, personal life and the hard work invested in the business be worth it.Ultimately, regardless of the challenges, Ginzberg believes that young entrepreneurs have a big advantage in the business world — their young age.
"Although people will at first wonder if you're capable, once people get to know you, your age becomes an asset. It's what makes you known, the ‘amazing young guy that is making things happen’.
Ginzberg coaches budding entrepreneurs, many older then himself, free of charge as a way to give back to the community and living the American dream.
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