Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Let's go to the videotape

Continued chillul hashem in the N.Y. Post:

A chilling videotape showing a congregation of Hasidim being ambushed by a hostile faction during a prayer service at a Williamsburg synagogue has been turned over to the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office, The Post has learned.
On the tape, members of feuding sects are seen slapping and punching each other and pulling their opponents' beards inside the synagogue last week.
The videotape, from a security camera, shows a man allegedly brought in by the invading faction choking a man who is struggling to free himself.
In another segment, an angry horde of Hasidim try to break into the grand rebbe's room.
It was the latest battle in the long-standing and bitter power struggle between supporters of two brothers, each of whom are determined to lead the Williamsburg Satmars....

If both sides feared the great big videotape upstairs, they'd go to a neutral Bais Din.
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