Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Medical Center in Lakewood

TriTown News:

...proposed business incubator/medical center that would be housed in the former Jamesway store at Route 9 and County Line Road, according to Deputy Mayor Meir Lichtenstein.
Lichtenstein is the Township Com-mittee’s liaison to the Lakewood Devel-opment Corp. (LDC), which oversees the municipality’s Urban Enter-prise Zone (UEZ).
Lichtenstein said Rabbi Aaron Kotler of Beth Medrash Govoha (a post-secondary institution in the township) presented the proposal before members of the LDC at their Oct. 11 meeting. If LDC members approve the concept, the project would be eligible for funding with UEZ dollars.
“They have a plan to use the Jamesway or a part of it,” Lichtenstein said on Nov. 18. “They want to use a part of it as a business incubator. They could rent out space to [a start-up] business or provide support services so the applicant could concentrate on getting the business going.”
Lichtenstein said that after a period of time, the fledgling business would relocate in its own facility.
He said a five-year plan also presented to LDC members by director Russell Corby described the area where the Jamesway is located near the border of Howell as the gateway to Lakewood. Its renovation would be a key component of plans to develop the corner shopping area, which has languished for years. ..
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