Friday, November 18, 2005

Monsey accident

ABC News:
There was a horrible accident in Monsey Thursday when a three-year-old boy got away from his parent and ran into the street. That's when he was hit by a school bus.
Eyewitness News reporter Tim Fleischer joins us live from Ramapo.
Ramapo police are still conducting their investigation at this hour and now tell us it appears to be an accident involving a school bus that has left a small child in critical condition.
The school bus driver had pulled up to a scheduled stop on Grove Street in Monsey this morning but discovered the student he was supposed to pick up was not there. He then started to leave when suddenly...

Det. Sgt. John Lynch, Ramapo Police: "As he pulled away of the stop he heard screaming at that point he stopped the bus and he observed a child lying behind the bus on the street."
It was a three year-old child who police say apparently darted away from a parent standing nearby.
The Chevra Hatzoloh Ambulance Company, located next to the scene of the accident, responded immediately. At first police say there was some confusion as to how seriously the child was injured.
Det. Sgt. John Lynch, Ramapo Police: "One of the paramedics had indicated that the injuries appeared minor, however I will concede that it appears that the child suffered numerous internal injuries, which probably are not readily visible to any person on the street."
The child suffered numerous internal injuries and broken bones and tonight is listed in critical condition.
The bus driver was interviewed by police and no charges gave been filed.
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Please daven for Yisrael ben Chaya Breindel

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