Friday, November 11, 2005

Monsey Wal-mart

Get ready local stores:

Journal News:

Word that a Wal-Mart Supercenter is planned at the former Rockland Drive-In Theater has people worried about the effect on area businesses and a further worsening of traffic in the Route 59 corridor.
Spring Valley Mayor George Darden said a Wal-Mart would hurt the smaller businesses that the village plans to attract with its urban renewal program...

The Route 59 location in central Monsey is down the street from an existing Wal-Mart Discount Store in Airmont, which at 99,000 square feet is less than half the size of the proposed Monsey store.
The Monsey store also would contain a full-service grocery store, which would compete with the nearby Pathmark supermarket; a 1,750-square-foot gas station; a tire and lubrication service area; and 992 parking spaces...

Sruly Goldstein, a manager at Oh! Nuts, a candy and gift shop on Route 59, said that while he thought the proposed store would benefit the business community, he worried about its impact on traffic.
"It's going to create a lot of traffic," he said. "They have to do something about it. On Friday afternoons, you can't even go past one block."
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walmart is great but many local stores will disappear, along with the thousands of others that have gone, into the black hole of stores-walmart-replaces. Monsey warehouse, take a deep breath and hold tight.

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