Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Peres makes it official

Jerusalem Post:

"The best man to lead Israel to security and peace is Ariel Sharon," said a stoic Shimon Peres, speaking from his Tel Aviv office Wednesday night in an expected announcement that he was leaving party politics.
"This is a very difficult day for me…I've decided to choose the country over the party."

Bloomberg News:

``In the current political set-up, it is impossible to advance the peace process without forming a coalition dedicated to peace and development,'' Peres said during a press conference broadcast from his office in Tel Aviv. ``I believe the man best suited to stand at the head of such a coalition on the basis of his record is Arik Sharon.''
Peres, 82, referring to the 77-year-old prime minister by his nickname, said he will no longer be an active member of Labor and will dedicate the rest of his life to helping end the conflict with the Palestinians.

He declined to answer questions about whether he would quit the Labor party or run for parliament in March with Sharon's new Kadima party...

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