Wednesday, November 02, 2005

'Rabbi' caught in NBC Dateline sting

Smile you're on candid camera:


An official with an educational program for Jewish high school students has resigned after allegedly searching the Internet for liaisons with underage boys and sending naked pictures of himself.
Rabbi David Kaye resigned from Panim on Monday, informing leaders that he was to be featured on Dateline NBC on Friday for seeking a sexual encounter with an underage boy in a chat room. Kaye joined Panim after serving as a rabbi and confirmation instructor at Congregation Har Shalom in Potomac, Md., for 15 years, until 2001.
We are waiting to see what the show is and we´ll respond after that, said Rabbi David Rose, senior rabbi at Har Shalom.
He was ordained by the Reconstructionist movement, but is now a member of the Rabbinical Assembly, the rabbinical arm of the Conservative movement.

The picture below that I dug up includes ten "rabbis" (at an event sponsored by the Jewish Institute for Pastoral Care of The HealthCare Chaplaincy in collaboration with The North American Boards of Rabbis), "Rabbi" David Kaye is bottom row, third from right.
But wait! Two other(!) "rabbis" in this single picture (Levy and Kestenbaum), have previously been arrested for solicitation through the Internet. Coincedence?
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Blogger jewishwhistleblower said...

Good catch!

But I sent the link to the photo to the Awareness Center over a year ago (and they posted it).

At the time, there was documentation of 2 Rabbis in the photo who solicited sex with minors over the internet. There were rumors of a 3rd in the picture. But until now there was no documentation.


News articles about Friday Dateline expose on Rabbi Kaye:

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Blogger Yeshiva Orthodoxy said...

Thanks.It's eery.

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

read more about this case at

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