Friday, November 18, 2005

Reform Convention's Yoga minyan

The contortions they'll do to alter Jewish traditions:

Houston Chronicle:

...Take the "Yoga Minyan: Connecting Body and Soul to the Divine," a Thursday morning prayer offering during the Union for Reform Judaism's biennial convention in Houston.
At first glance, the 49 people stretching their arms toward the sky while standing on one leg looked like a regular yoga class. But those familiar with traditional Jewish liturgy would have recognized that the recited prayers matched poses with meaning.
"We took a service, and we embodied it fully," said Rabbi Andrea London, who led the group with a liturgical singer and yoga instructor.
The service was one of many worship and workshop opportunities of the five-day gathering of more than 4,200 Jewish leaders at the George R. Brown Convention Center..."

There are definitely people who are really interested in this and there are those who are skeptical," she said of the yoga service. " People sometimes think it is a 'substitute for' (the traditional service). It is an 'addition to.' "....
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