Friday, November 25, 2005

Republicans most admire: Lieberman

Trying to discover how they really feel:

Bangor Daily News

National Journal's survey of Washington insiders on their thoughts that usually don't make the news. The weekly magazine quizzed 101 members of Congress,... and 137 campaign staff members and others with a close-up look at the political process.The findings, if not revelatory, were at least interesting.

For instance, the members of Congress were asked, "Which interest group or special interest would members of your party buck more often if the group weren't so powerful?"For Republicans, the top choices were the National Rifle Association ("Many [lawmakers] don't feel it is necessary to hunt deer with an AK-47 and armor-piercing bullets.") and Christian conservatives. Democrats wished they could sometimes ignore labor unions ("They have failed to change politically as the economy has changed over the past 30 years.") and abortion-rights groups.

When asked what member of the opposite party they most admired, Democrats chose Sen. John McCain ("He is not afraid to sail into the wind and speak his mind without the political posturing common among other political leaders ...") and, distant seconds, Sen. Chuck Hagel and Rep. Jim Leach.

Republicans most admired Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman ("A man of honor who puts family, patriotism and politics in the proper order.") and, distant second, Sen. Ted Kennedy. The Republican choice of Mr. Kennedy might surprise those who believe talk-radio caricatures, but Washington is often not as portrayed....
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