Monday, November 21, 2005

Sharon bolts

Likud where to go?

Bibi should not be. He's got no principles and no constituency. He's hated abroad, despised at home. Limnor Livnat on the other hand can generate some buzz. Perhaps Mofaz who can get some sephardic votes. Likud has to make sure they are not seen as the party against progress.

Likud will only do well if they elect a leader who has got little baggage and champions a whole new way of governing in chaotic Israel. Copy Blair.

NY Times:

Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister, set off what could be a major realignment in Israeli politics on Monday by quitting the Likud Party, which he helped found. President Moshe Katsav said early elections would probably be held in March, and Parliament took a preliminary vote to disband itself.
While Mr. Sharon is an early favorite to win the most seats in an election, Israeli analysts and politicians were expecting a bruising campaign. By trying to run in the center with a new party, to be called National Responsibility, Mr. Sharon is likely to be a target for criticism from the left, the center and the right wing that he has abandoned.
Some 14 Likud members of Parliament have said they will join him, and he now sets out to persuade a range of centrists and Labor Party moderates to come aboard as well. He held an initial meeting of the party on Monday afternoon.
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