Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Should M. Schick pen satmar column?

In Cross-Currents, the responsible, Rabbi Dr. Marvin Schick has an interesting question for his frum readers:

...whether I should write about this incident (Satmar) and related matters in my regular Jewish Week column.
The argument against writing is that it is wrong to hang out our dirty linen in public, particularly when every bit of Orthodox wrongdoing is pounced on by those who hate our religion and presented as evidence of Orthodox decadence. On the other hand, writing may and I admit that this might be a longshot cause some within Satmar to contemplate changing the way their disputes are handled. As a collateral point, not writing may be regarded as turning a blind eye to something that is substantially wrong...

Our- their- private laundry is already hanging, humiliatingly, in the public, both in court and in the media.

Write, but contextualize your (rightfully) harsh verdict by mentioning all the good satmar does.
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