Thursday, November 10, 2005

Top 50 Jews


The Forward, American Jewry's newspaperof record, today announced its highly-awaited "Forward 50" List of the mostinfluential Jewish Americans -- an enlightening and controversial membershipthat will be published on Friday, November 11, 2005.

]This year's Top Five, as diverse as the entire list itself, includes Steven Spielberg, Hasidic Hip-Hop sensation Matisyahu, Middle East envoyJames Wolfensohn, Bush-lauded head of the American Jewish World Service,Ruth Messinger, and America's most influential Jewish lawmaker, Sen. ArlenSpecter.


Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, who has emerged as the most importantleader of the Lubavitch Hasidic movement; and 75-year-old Rabbi Yaakov Perlow,whose Orthodox advocacy organization brought out 120,000 people one night lastMarch in 70 stadiums around the world to celebrate Talmud study

Malcolm Hoenlein and Rabbi Norman Lamm.

Where is: Rabbi Matisyahu Solomon? Artscroll owners? Skevere Rebbe? the guys driving up the houses in your neighborhood?
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lewis "scooter" libby

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