Friday, November 18, 2005

War against Lakewood Jews

A reverend writing in a column in the Asbury Park Press, goes viciously after the increasing power of orthodox jews, and does so in the tone of Jim Crow!:


The main purposes of the Lakewood Improvement Association are to help the socially and economically deprived within our community, to help those in need of food, clothing and shelter, and to deal with the great disparity and favoritism of the Lakewood Township Committee's preferential treatment toward the Orthodox Jewish community.
It must be emphatically stated that we are not anti-Semitic nor are we racist. Our organization consists of people of all races, ethnicities and religions. Some of them are Jewish. The preferential treatment toward the Orthodox Jewish community doesn't just affect those who are minority or poor. It is having an adverse effect on all races. It has created economic and social discrimination concerning equal housing and an unjust monopolization of federally funded programs, such as Section 8 housing.
This preferential treatment has taken away the power of a fine Lakewood Police Department by releasing Orthodox leaders who the police have arrested and should have been charged with aggravated assault, but then revising the decision because of pressure from the Orthodox community. It has reversed 78 traffic summonses issued by the police department, some at the request of Orthodox Jewish rabbis.
Our children are affected due to the private schools that exclude the rest of the children within the community. Luxuries are afforded such as tax-exempt status for synagogues as well as some residential dwellings.
As a result of this preferential treatment, the demographics of Lakewood have shifted so vastly that middle-class blacks and whites and others have left this township due to their inability to be able to afford to live here, run successful businesses or obtain employment within the township suitable to raise a family.
By allowing this to continue, by 2010 the demographics will have shifted so greatly that what once was a racially and socially diverse community will be a predominantly Orthodox Jewish community. Our governing powers shall remain, having been compensated for allowing this mass migration of the Orthodox usurping of this town. A few black and white families and other races and a work force of Mexicans will stay to accomplish their labor.
Not that this may be a great revelation to residents of Lakewood. If they have lived here for any substantial amount of time, they know that businesses are being bought. People are offered money to move out of their homes. Hotels, motels and restaurants that were once community-owned and community-cherished are now solely the property of the Orthodox community to do with as they please.
Is this really a community that is taking place within Lakewood, or is it a monopoly? If the purpose of the Orthodox community is to create one great community for all residents of Lakewood, then we could all dwell together. We could work together. Our children could play together, go to school together and enjoy the bond of unity that strengthens all men through camaraderie and communication to make this one great community.
But in reality, our children — black, white or Hispanic — are not good enough to play with Orthodox Jewish children. We are rarely spoken to when passed on the street. They have separate entrances to enter the hospital, ride in separate ambulances and seek to police their own community rather than using one of the finest police departments in both Monmouth and Ocean counties. All of this is done so they don't defile their children by being with our children, that they don't defile themselves by intermingling with our culture and that they don't defile their sick with the blood of our sick.
It seems we are not good enough to mingle with, but our land is good enough to purchase and our town is good enough to occupy.
This is not a community. This is segregation that is being perpetuated by the Township Committee and the powers that be in Lakewood. It is unacceptable to anyone who is a township resident.
In the words of the Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." But those principles do not apply anymore in Lakewood. Therefore, we will fight until trusted American principles are re-established in Lakewood and, in the words of the Scriptures, "justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream."

The Rev. Kevin Nunn is chairman of the Lakewood Improvement Association.

His tone, ("but in reality..") clearly spews hatred. The A.P.P. never should have let such inflammatory language.
Talk ,write, or argue but do so with civility and sensitivity.


Email their Managing Editor, Gary Schoening:
posted by Yeshiva Orthodoxy
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Blogger ocawatch said...

A similar situation is happening in Kiryas Joel in Orange County, New York.

I am reporting antisemitic incidents and rhetoric in the area on my blog.

11:03 PM  
Blogger Yeshiva Orthodoxy said...

Point out the insensitive, over the top rhetoric.

6:45 PM  
Anonymous SephardiLady said...

The rhetoric is certainly over the top, but a smile and a polite hello to non-Jewish neighbors would certainly go a long way.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Yeshiva Orthodoxy said...

I agree

2:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is some of the bitter fruit of the "power" of our voting bloc. Stripping away the anger, there is quite a bit of truth to the idea that the orthodox control things in Lakewood. Best would be for the yeshiva to stop organizing the vote, and get out of politics, before things chas v'sholom become worse. These people forget that we are in golus.

2:04 PM  
Blogger Yeshiva Orthodoxy said...

These people forget that we are in golus.

I competely agree with you there.

If it means taking and getting less in order to have peace in the community, as jews it's well worth it.

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell it to the damn fools in the yeshiva and on the vaad.

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No question, he's an anti-Semite. ... but, um, what did he say that isn't true?

11:03 AM  

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