Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yoffie not so 'yofi'

The Jewish liberal, anti traditional, establishment is increasingly viewed as a joke. Their spokesman night as well be Ralph Nader.

The American Thinker has a terrific piece by Richard Baehr ripping liberal/Reform Jews, entitled: Megalomania in the Liberal Jewish Establishment.

Here are a few excerpts, though you must read the entire article:

The Reform movement just held its biennial convention in Houston. As is befitting the most liberal major branch of the most liberal religious community in America, their agenda contained the usual potpourri of liberal concerns. Here are some of the items that were approved at the convention:
Resolution on the War in Iraq
Resolution Opposing the Nomination of Judge Samuel Alito Jr
Resolution Concerning Divestment And Other Economic Actions As Obstacles To The Advancement Of Middle East Peace
Resolution On The Politicization Of Science In The United States
Resolution On Ending Global Poverty
Resolution On Voting Rights For The District Of Columbia
Resolution On Support For Jewish Military Chaplains And Jewish Military Personnel And Their Families
Resolution On Workers’ Rights In The United Stateses
Resolution In Recognition Of The 20th Anniversary Of Mazon: A Jewish Response To Hunger
Resolution Honoring The National Association Of Temple Educators On Its 50th Anniversary
Resolution On Torture
I have no problem with this agenda. I have chosen not to be a member of the Reform movement. There are various reasons for this, including that I do not like to hear lectures on the High Holidays about the high crimes of the United States, why Bush is bad, or if the Middle East conflict even comes up, why Israel is primarily responsible for the failure to achieve peace. Many of my friends routinely tell me every year that these themes are exactly the kind of verbiage that they get to hear in the sermons by their Reform rabbis. I can get this kind of political indoctrination in the New York Times. I do not care for it in shul.
I think that most Reform rabbis (like most religious leaders) do not have a clue about how to fight the War on Terror, nor how to conduct the war in Iraq. I am happy they are behind the pulpit and not giving orders to any military personnel. So when they pass a resolution calling for a timetable for American withdrawal from Iraq, it is not a surprise. But it is also no great contribution to any intelligent debate on the subject. It is the same as listening to Barbara Boxer on the subject, or reading some of the moon-bat leftwing websites that also accept or look forward to a defeat in Iraq, and assume there are no consequences.
Rabbi Eric Yoffie, the President of the Reform movement, could not restrain his glee at passage of the measure on Iraq. He added the following priceless comment:
“The sentiment was clear and overwhelming…. American Jews, and all Americans, are profoundly critical of this war and they want this administration to tell us how and when it will bring our troops home.”...

But such a misstatement is not enough for the great leader. The Reform movement represents only 1.5 million of the 5.5 million Jews in the United States. Thus, by making the blanket statement that “American Jews” are profoundly critical of the war, Yoffie is being shamefully deceitful and dishonest. But he doesn’t stop there. He also states that “all Americans” are profoundly critical of the war. ...
It is time for Rabbi Yoffie and Abe Foxman to take a chill pill, and maybe get a little perspective. They do not speak for all Jews, and certainly not for me.
It is not evangelical Christians who hijacked airplanes and crashed them into tall buildings in New York. And it is not evangelical Christians calling for the elimination of the state of Israel or murdering Jews there, or murdering Americans in Iraq and elsewhere. Of course, Abe Foxman and Rabbi Yoffie believe we have bigger threats than radical Islamic terrorism, such as silent prayers before a school day begins, a nativity display next to a Menorah in the town square, and making sure that minority students do not get a better education in a private school with a religious affiliation financed by education vouchers...

Right on! Right on!

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