Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Abramoff watch

Who will get sucked into this sickening scandal next? (Besides frum peoples' good name.)

Cape Cod Times:

Nearly 1,000 pages of subpoenaed documents, many of them personal e-mails illustrating a culture of corruption that has lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his many associates gasping for breath....
In 2000, he asked his rabbi - to whom he donated graciously - if he could doctor makeshift awards from their temple to gain access to an exclusive Washington, D.C., social club.
''There's evidence of a colossally devious individual who has taken some of the baser parts of human nature, apart from politics, to a level most of us couldn't conceive of,'' said Steve Schwadron, spokesman for U.S. Rep. William Delahunt, D-Mass...

The "rabbi" it has previously been reported is Daniel Lapin. Rabbi Lapin, a South African immigrant now lives in Seatle. He is well known for his access and influence to the Republican leadership and Christian Conservatives. (due in no small part to Abramoff.)
He is also a syndicated radio talk show host, and is related to the revered rabbi ob"m who he shares his last name with.


..Separate from his paying clients, Abramoff was pursuing myriad pet causes on the side, founding a Jewish school in suburban Washington, since shuttered, and supporting a friend's sniper training in Israel. Both have come under scrutiny in the Senate investigation. So has the Capital Athletic Foundation, a charity through which Senate investigators believe much of Abramoff's clients' money passed before being spent on projects that had nothing to do with youth sports.
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