Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ad blasts Reform (Liberal) Movement

Fighting back.

Kansas City Jewish Chronicle:

...Republican Jewish Coalition ad that was to appear this week in the New York Times, rebuking the Union for Reform Judaism for passing a resolution calling on President Bush to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq.
The ad features a news photograph of an Iraqi woman holding up her purple-ink-stained index finger carries the headline: "To the Union for Reform Judaism: Freedom is Worth Fighting For."
....over 150 people who signed the ad, stating "The Union For Reform Judaism Does Not Speak for Us."
Some of the bold-faced signatures include two former chairmen of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, James Tisch and Kenneth Bialkin, plus Republican office holders Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman and Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle.
The text of the ad states: "The recent statement by the Union for Reform Judaism saying American Jews oppose the President on Iraq is misleading and wrong. We support the President in the War on Terrorism. We stand behind our troops and their mission of creating a safe, democratic Iraq. This mission is vital, not only for the continuing fight against terrorism and the stability of the Middle East, but also for making the world a safer place for our children."
At the URJ's Biennial Convention Nov. 18-20 in Houston, 2,000 voting delegates voted almost unanimously for a resolution criticizing the Bush administration for its handling of the war, and calling on it to provide "a clear exit strategy ... with specific goals for troop withdrawal; some withdrawal of troops should begin after the completion of the parliamentary elections (currently scheduled for Dec. 15, 2005) with the continuation of withdrawal implemented as soon as possible in a way that maintains stability in the nation and empowers Iraqi forces to provide for their national security."
The URJ also resolved at its Houston convention to oppose the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito Jr. to the U.S. Supreme Court, saying his approval "would threaten protection of the most fundamental rights" that the Reform movement supports. "On choice, women's rights, civil rights and the scope of federal power," Alito would "shift the ideological balance of the Supreme Court on matters of core concern to the Reform Movement," according to the resolution....
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